Sunday, October 02, 2005

Educational Cutbacks in Our Tiny Hamlet.

Kidstart, the pre-K program in our school district is in danger of being cut. (Warning via Tonki Downs, who, when she first introduced herself to me, said her full name quickly as if it were all one word: Tonkidowns.) There will be a school board meeting October 20 where teachers will advocate for the program.

I don't know much about the issue--in particular what budget pressures are driving the proposed cuts. Googling around I see that our district is wealthier than the county, but is still listed by the census as having a 16% poverty index. The Adopt a Classroom program lists the local elementary school as Title 1, meaning it has a "high concentration of students from low-income households."

Based on the huge importance of early public education in general, this looks like a fight worth gettting into. Do any of my local readers know more about the issue?

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