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Downloadable lectures

Via Berel Dov Lerner on the Philosop mailing list comes this nice set of links to "Intellectually oriented MP3's for download." All the text following the divide is Lerner's.


a good BBC show on intellectual history (you can only download the latest program - no mp3 archive)

good lectures on various topics (many may be downloaded as MP3):

Lectures on mind/body problem in various formats (some MP3, some English. some German)

history of public health course from Johns Hopkins:

intro psychology course at MIT

technology interviews and lectures (IT, technology & law, some history and philosophy, etc.)

good stuff from Australia

neuroscience symposium (a wee-bit technical!)

decent lectures and debates on various issues, somewhat neocon

course on the European medieval intellectual tradition

good short course on Maimonides' philosophy (I don't remember - it may require some background in Judaism)

mostly lectures on the history of US presidents & policies

Update: Lerner sent two more

J. M. Bernstein's (New School University) lectures and seminars

On Kant's Critique of Pure Reason

On Hegel's Phenomenology

Double update: from another Philosop'er

Philosophy lectures in a variety of languages

Triple update: More from Lerner. I'm just doing a link dump here, without even reformatting.

Lawrence M. Hinman's "Ethics Updates"? It is an invaluable resource for anyone who teaches or studies ethics and now includes a podcast/mp3 download page:

The page currently contains all of the presentations from a conference on the Terry Schiavo euthanasia case.

From NYU
AAAS Conference

Short Levinas course with a Talmudic orientation

"popular" physics lectures - take a look!

History of mathematics course

Anthropology of religion course

discrete mathematics course

macroeconomics course

introductory sociology course - also mp3

introduction to philosophy course

Update^4, again from Lerner

"Radio Apologia" offers audio files on religious topics, including lectures by Alvin Plantinga on various issues in the philosophy of religion, and a discussion between Plantinga and Hilary Putnam concerning the existence of God.

Uodate 5 from lerner

The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion is an academic research enterprise based at St Edmund's College, Cambridge.

Its website offers a number of lectures on science and religion in various formats, including downloadable MP3 files:

Downloadable MP3 files of interviews, documentaries, fiction, etc. relating to Jewish literature, culture, and ideas are available at the Nextbook website. Of special philosophical interest: interviews with authors of recent books on Spinoza and Maimonides.

[I'm not keeping track any more of how often I update this file]

Hubert Dreyfus and Ken Goldberg gave a course this spring at Berkeley called "Questioning Efficiency: Human Factors and Existential Phenomenology." Follow the "audio lectures" link on the course homepage to reach down-loadable MP3 files of lectures from the course:

The "Academic feeds" site broadcasts academic talks about technology, culture and media in MP3 format. Of special philosophical interest: Luciano Floridi's lecture: "Where are we in the philosophy of information?"

I have been receiving very enthusiastic responses to my postings about MP3 files, so please have patience with me while I take the liberty of sending this one as well.

The Librivox site offers free access to audio files of human voice readings of public domain texts, including many classics.
Of special philosophical interest: Aristotle's *Poetics* Plato's *Euthyphro* and Descartes' *Discourse on Method* (click on the "completed books" link of the catalogue page to find them listed):

The site also contains links to many other similar projects, including one that offers MP3s of original broadcasts from Orson Welles's legendary Mercury Theatre!

The New England Journal of Medicine offers MP3s and podcasts of interviews with the authors of its "perspective" articles. I found all of them interesting, and many of them of direct relevance to questions of medical ethics. (I am not sure whether access to these files is limited to those who have completed the free registration to the NEJM site):

Point of Inquiry is the Center for Inquiry’s radio show and podcast. It deals with: pseudoscience and the paranormal; alternative medicine; and religion and secularism. Featured philosophers include Daniel Dennet and Paul Kurtz:
The New York Academy of Sciences website offers free MP3 downloads and podcasts of many lectures and symposiums it has sponsored. Of particular philosophical interest: two sessions featuring Michael Gazzaniga on neuroscience and ethics, a session on "The Origin, Evolution, and Future of Life on Earth" (featuring Collin McGinn), and a session on "Mind versus Soul."

The Law School at the Univ. of Chicago offers free podcasts and MP3 downloads of lectures on topics in law and philosophy of law. Of special philosophical interest: Richard Rorty - "Dewey and Posner on Pragmatism and Moral Progress"

Various lectures in a variety of formats (MP3, podcasts, Real video...) from Princeton:

Ditto for Georgetown University:

Univ. of California Berkley has made a good deal of audio materials (including a whole course by Hubert Dreyfus on Existentialism) freely available as podcasts through some kind of arrangement with Apple Computers. (Thanks to James Taggart for bringing this to my attention). The downside is that it seems that the podcasts have to be downloaded and played using Apple iTunes software or devices. While the iTunes software can be downloaded for free for use on personal computers, it is my impression that inexpensive portable MP3 players cannot play the podcasted files - pressure is being applied on Hubert Dreyfus fans to buy expensive Apple iPod devices!! (If I am wrong about this and someone knows how to hear the files via a generic MP3 player, please tell me off-list!!!!).

Ditto for Stanford:

My recent remarks about iTunes at Berkeley and Stanford were off the mark. Checking again, the Berkeley downloads were standard MP3 files, while the Stanford files I just checked were in RealAudio format. However, it does seem that in both cases downloading can only be done using freely available iTunes software.

The Simpson Center for the Humanities at the Univ. of Washington offers lectures from the Solomon Katz Distinguished Lectures in the Humanities Series as MP3 downloads. Speakers include Alexander Nehamas, Alain Badiou, and Jonathan Lear

The Centre for Time at U. of Sydney held a workshop with Bob Brandom last October. The lectures from that workshop, plus a lecture by Sir Anthony Legget on quantum mechanics are available as MP3 downloads:

See more generally, Univ. of Sydney's podcast page:

Another update, this time from David Vessey:

Here are some online, mostly Real Audio broadcasts of radio programs either on the meaning of life or how to think about death. I've found it helpful to give listening assignments like these in addition to reading assignments (often the shows suggest appropriate accompanying readings).

From another Lerner email:

It has been a while since I posted the URLs of websites offering intellectually satisfying MP3 downloads. Here are the best sites I have come across in the past few months:

The Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs offers scholarly lectures and interviews on current events. I especially recommend Vali Nasr and Phillip Jenkins:

Johns Hopkins University has entered the MP3/podcast arena, offering lectures and panel discussions on a variety of subjects, including the stemcell debate:

Technological futurists should enjoy the Stanford "Singularity Summit" conference on Ray Kurzweil's work:

The Oxford Center for Hindu Studies offers a very large selection of MP3 downloads, including an introductory course on the Hindu tradition, comparisons of Hinduism with various other religious traditions, consciousness studies, Hinduism and women, and even comparisons of western and Hindu philosophies of biology:

I happened to come across freely available MP3s of Robert Stalnaker's Locke Lectures, delivered this year at Oxford: University of Minnesota offers free MP3 downloads of lectures from a number of courses in the humanities: Anselm College offers various lectures on philosophy that can be heard online or downloaded via podcast: Happy listening,Berel Dov Lerner

Nigel Warburton and David Edmonds offer interviews of well-known academic philosophers on their "Philosophy Bites" website.

Gresham College offers a large selection of fine lectures on a variety of subjects - medical, scientific, history of mathematics, history of music, social issues, etc. in a variety of formats. If you are only interested in lectures that are available in downloadable MP3 files, use the "search by media" function and set it on "audio" and "downloadable" to generate an appropriate list.

Lectures by faculty members of Swarthmore College (be sure to select the "view all" option). I found Philip Weinstein's lecture on Modernist literature especially interesting.

A number of lectures, mostly on current affairs, are available from Sussex University:

Various notable speakers have lectured at Colorado College, mostly on current affairs. I enjoyed Camille Paglia's talk on "Religion and the Arts in America."

Lectures from a course on Heidegger given this fall by Hubert Dreyfus will be made freely available via podcast from the University of California, Berkeley. Begin the subscription process at:

If you looked at today's New York Times, you might have seen an article which mentioned that Yale University has begun offering free public access to QuickTime video and MP3 audio files of lectures from selected courses (on astronomy, English, philosophy, physics, political science, psychology, religious studies).

Shelly Kagan's course on death (i.e., existence & immortality of the soul, personal identity, badness of death, ethics of suicide, etc.) should be of special interest to listmembers:

Happy downloading,

Berel Dov Lerner

[this one from david webster:]

Plato and love podcast

You may wish to listen to this podcast: - found this via - interesting stuff


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Good list, but the biggest and best source of lectures of science, music, art, history, and just about every topic (yet all pulled together) is:

and there are specific categories butmuch less content here:

and video lectures here:

and finally books here:

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specific subjects:

video lectures here:

finally books here: