Monday, April 20, 2009

Softchalk talk

lessons as web pages.

"Users can create content!"

interactive learning games
customizable flashcards

Embed videos--youtube.

Pop up text on images
Drag and drop image labeling exercises.
Click and label image exercises.

Assessment--as many varieties of angel--looks better, easier to navigate than Angel--still some gliches when Chalktalk interacts with Angel. Weirdly, enough,if you hide of the angel banner at the top or get rid of the Angel frame, Softchalk looses touch with angel. Works better with Firefox.

you can deliver via Angel or internet. Detailed instructions for Angel integration. Upload it as SCORM file

30 day free trail. $350 dollars/year. Distance learning has access to some licenses.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I rewatched the BSG series finale

In the end it is all about the stories of the couples.

The action show that is the first part of the finale, with the gunfire and the symbolism and the getting the girl back, and the how did Laura get to the CIC? just doesn't work, but that's ok because...

Adama and Laura are the heart of the story. Really, they wanted to tell you about the sentimental military leader and the hard-nosed civilian leader.

It is all set up to cut off at the end of the Adama-Laura story. He says "it reminds me of you," and then there is a long black out. After that they give you the epilogue with angel-six and angel-Baltar and the fearful images of Japanese robots. They should have ditched the epilogue.

The Apollo-Starbuck story is a FAIL. Not just because of the loose ends, but because the storytellers didn't know where to go with it. They never did. How to make a love story out of the original show's action hero buddy pairing? How to actually get Batman in bed with Robin? And have Robin be, not just more than a sidekick, but some kind of spiritual presence? This is beyond current storytelling technology.

The Baltar-Six story. He says "I do know about farming, you know," and cries, and she says "I know, it's ok." That is the win for the show.