Sunday, October 30, 2005

Halloween is not Caroline's Best Holiday.

We went to David and Lisa's Halloween party again this year. A picture of all of us in costume is below, and more on Flickr.

We didn't stay at the party long, though. There were scary guys there. Someone was dressed up like the rabit from Donnie Darko.

After seeing him, Caroline spent a half hour curled up against me, hiding her face.

Caroline: "I don't like that scary guy."

Me: "Its ok, he went over to the dance floor, you can come out now."

C (hopeful, but still not coming out): "I think he went home".

Me: "Well if he did, you can certainly come out."

C: "I think he went to another party, maybe. A party with bigger kids who like to be scared."

She never did pull her face out of my side, and eventually we just went home.

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