Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Three things

Job Plans

Every tuesday at this time, I listen to Danielle "sluts in utopia" Egan lecture in the classroom next to my office on qualitative methods in sociology, reinforcing my desire to find a million dollars under a rock, enroll as a SLU student, and take all her courses. This, even though she is actually a continental philosopher.

Against text fetishism

Two sentence fragments have bothered me recently. First: "Buffy as a incoherent text." Buffy is not a text. It is a television show. The script may be a text, but the script is not the show. Second: "The discourse of environmental concern." Environmentalism is not a discourse, it is a practice. The language is only a part of this practice.

Caroline Loves her Grandma

My in laws were in town over the weekend. They came in late thursday night. Friday morning, when Caroline came downstairs, she saw them lying on the futon. She ran up to me, clutched my knees, looked up, and whispered urgently "Grandma's here!" She then crawled into bed with Grandma, and they talked quietly for almost an hour.

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