Saturday, December 06, 2008

half of a memory

At one point, long ago, Thomas and I were at a party, or something. The person we were taking to was trying to show off a connection to hipster fame. Thomas interrupted her with a question that was something like "Ok, which member of Big Black is your cousin?"

She replied with the story of Dave Riley (who is described on the back of the album Atomizer as a 'bitch magnet'). I didn't know that the bass player for Big Black was at the time in a coma. It was all unsettling.

So just now I get the Cheap Trick song "Surrender" in my head. Which leads me to Big Black's cover of He's a Whore. Which leads me to find out that at least as of April 23 2008, Dave Riley, is healthy enough to rail against his substandard treatment by the medical establishment.