Friday, September 30, 2005

Today's Quiz

From today's reasoning class:

Short Test 3

I. Identify the terms with the most emotive meaning in this passage, then rewrite it as a logical argument in emotionally neutral terms.
In male dominant culture, "kinky" is the most prized of all the sexbot sub-classes. Kinky women express the greatest and most dude-affirming allegiance to male supremacy by their willingness to endure the most pain for the dubious pleasure of gratifying male horndoggitude. … I further assert that sadomasochism, which glorifies like no other -ism the dominance/submission dynamic, represents the absolute zenithical epitome of patriarchal ideology. Which would be no big whoop if patriarchy were the bee's knees, but I further further assert that S&M is a totally bogus practice because patriarchal ideology sucks the bag.
--Twisty Faster

II. Which of the following are terms?

kinky, further, sadomasochism, the absolute zenithical epitome of patriarchal ideology, horndoggitude, dude-affirming, sucks the bag.

Note: A word that is made up on the spot (what linguists call a “neologism”) is perfectly legitimate if the audience can immediately identify (1) what the word means and (2) its role in the sentence. Furthermore, if you know the role of a word is in the sentence, you know enough to determine whether it is a term.

III. Identify purpose of the following definitions. Give reasons for your answers.

6. “Abortion” means “the deliberate murder of a human fetus.”

7. Some anthropologists define “culture” as “a set of attributes and products of human societies, and therewith of mankind, that are extrasomatic and transmissible by mechanisms other than biological heredity.”

8. “Main Entry: wal-la-by
Pronunciation: ’wä-la-bē
Function: noun
Inflected Form: plural wallabies also wallaby
Etymology: Dharuk (Australian aboriginal language of the Port Jackson area) walabi, waliba
Date: circa 1798

: any of various small or medium-sized kangaroos (especially genus Macropus)”

—Webster’s 11th Collegiate.

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