Monday, October 10, 2005

Most recent cool music experience

Caroline isn't normally allowed to watch TV, but her cousin gave her this DVD, by the world's greatest children's musician, as an early birthday present. This evening she wanted me to read to her. But Molly and I both agreed. We had to watch Dan Zanes & Friends. The DVD features nine songs from a concert at the Knitting Factory and six music videos from places like Seasame Street. This is a song from the Knitting Factory gig. This is from Seasame Street. Sadly, the coolest part of the DVD, the songs with Father Goose (AKA Rankin Don) are not on Zanes' website. So you will have to buy the DVD.

I just want to emphasize: this is so cool, it will make you insist that your children watch TV, rather than read a book.

Also, I have a terrible confession to make. I think I have a crush on Barbara Brousal, who plays guitar and does a lot of the singing in Dan Zanes' band.

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