Friday, August 22, 2014

Age of first use and addiction.

Saw an interesting panel on drug abuse here in Lorain County. The speaker gave an interesting stat about age of first use and addiction. I asked him for more detail and he referred me to his source. It turns out the source says exactly the same thing that he did:

“One in four people who used any addictive substance before they turned 18 have a substance use disorder, compared with one in 25 who first used any of these substances at age 21 or older.(41)”

Footnote 41, in turn, essentially just says "This was our analysis of data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health"

This is frustrating because it means that if I actually want more detail, I would have to run the numbers myself. CASA itself looks kinda like drug war propaganda, which is also irritating, because I was looking for something more data driven and helpful.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Include disclosure of contingent faculty compensation and other working conditions


Sen. Harkin,

Thank you for sponsoring the Higher Education Affordability Act (HEAA), and working to keep college accessible to all Americans. I am writing to ask you to make this bill even more effective by including provisions to address the reliance of colleges and universities on contingent faculty--adjuncts and other non-tenure-line faculty. As you know, part time faculty now comprise 50% of the faculty workforce, and 80% of the workforce at community colleges. These faculty are paid substandard wages, have to juggle positions at several schools, and are not compensated for spending time out of the classroom with students. All of this has a tremendous negative impact on the quality of education students are receiving.

You can help alleviate this problem by including a provision in your legislation requiring colleges and universities to disclose contingent faculty compensation and other working conditions. Transparency is already one of the four major goals of the HEAA. This goal should be expanded to include transparency on this crucial issue.

Thank you for your time

Prof. J. Robert Loftis
Lorain County Community College.