Saturday, February 21, 2009

doubleplusgoodthingers bellyfeel truthiness!

For my critical thinking class.

I'm going to use this disclaimer: "The opinions expressed are here for discussion purposes and do not necessarily represent the views of the instructor or the college."

Readings: Orwell, "Politics and the English Language" and chapter 1 and the appendix to 1984.

George Carlin - Soft Language

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

People are talking about the book I am in!

The website Watchmencomicmovie has put up a thread to discuss Watchmen and Philosophy, a book that I have an essay in. In the thread, people are asked to pose questions which will be put to the book's editor, Mark White, in an upcoming interview. One of the first questions to come up, from EmPiiRe x, is actually about the topic of my essay, deontology and utilitarianism. Annoyingly, EmPiiRe x suggests that we made a mistake I went out of my way to avoid: treating Veidt as a straightforward utilitarian, rather than a megalomaniac who uses utilitarianism to rationalize his actions. I've posted a response you can check out at the end of the thread.

The amount of attention the book is getting is a pleasant surprise. Molly and I went into Borders last weekend and there was a whole display dedicated to Watchmen, including two piles of copies of Watchmen and Philosophy. I've never been in a book that gets displayed like that.

Also interesting this thought on livejournal about the contradiction between Dr. Manhattan's own existence and his professed materialism. (The blogger also mentions the book I'm in!)