Monday, March 27, 2006

Sleater Kinney Video at IFC

Mona emailed me to say that you can watch Sleater Kinney playing live on the Henry Rollins show on the IFC website. I can't link directly, but you can find it quickly by clicking on the link for "sneak preview now" and then click on the lovely picture of Corin. You can skip Hank's self important ramblings, unless you're Mona, and he's your fantasy boyfriend.

The video is great. My girlfriend Carrie leaps and struts and does a kicking move I associate with Kat Bjelland of Babes in Toyland. Also, looking at how easily Corin's guitar can play the role of a bass made me wonder why bands even have bass players. I mean really. Most bass players turn the treble way up and play high on the neck, so they just wind up sounding like someone playing the low e string on a regular guitar, so why not have the flexibility of a second guitar player who plays low parts?

Molly officially dislikes The Woods, and she and Vicky Coffee pressed me to justify my love of it. Normally I'm good at rationalizing arbitrary judgments, but I really coulnd't do it this time. I was tempted to say "I like the way they combine the loose, expansive feeling of late sixties supergroup bands like Cream with the urgency of punk rock." But you know, that's bullshit. I would like the album even without the context of hippy proto prog and punk. The shit just rocks.

In other grrl punk news, it looks the the Yeah Yeah Yeah's second full length album is going to move toward the mainstream. Has anyone heard it yet.

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