Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Protect rape vicitms

Three young men in Orange County videotaped themselves raping an unconscious 16 year old, and then left the video in a rented beach house. Because they were extremely wealthy, they were able to hire a lawyer who after three years of slandering and harassing the victim, got them off with only a conviction on sexual assault. Now the victim is suing the lawyer for harassment, slander, and libel. The lawyer responded by calling her "trash" and said "What I did to Jane Doe in the criminal case was child's play compared to what I can do to her in a civil case." Pinko Feminist Hellcat has been covering the story. Also a reader has written Bitch, Ph.D. requesting letters of support for the victim.
I have contacted her civil lawyer and received permission to send letters of support to his office. Will you please post on the blog to send letters of support to ihiroe at yahoodotcom? Please address the letter to Jane Doe if it’s a letter meant for her. I will be collecting and printing e-mailed letters to send to her lawyer’s office.

If people that have progressive blogs can forward and post this info, I would be grateful. Those that are against these heinous actions need to stand up and also let the victim know that there is support for her. Your support in publicizing this will be greatly appreciated. I have a goal of at least 500 letters, and I'm currently slowly reaching the goal.

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