Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Secret Society

I commend to you, the internet, the New York based jazz band The Secret Society. My best point of reference to describe them is Charles Mingus, especially during the periods where he was writing elaborately arranged, written out, music. They have a big band sound, because they are a big band, but they can get dissonant and arty and use scales that seem odd if things call for it. Also, like all Jazz after the 60s, you can hear Rock and Roll in it. Real jazz guys and New York hipsters might be able to describe them better, but that is the best I can do. They have MP3s off to the right of the blog; you can listen for yourself.

Readers who travel in the same blog circles that I do will recognize The Secret Society as the band led by Thad, consort & lover of Majikthise, and frequent commenter in her space. I’ve been reading Majikthise for a while now, and had The Secret Society on my blogroll for a bit, but I’ve never taken the time out to listen to Thad’s music. Mostly this is because I can’t listen to music while I’m working, and can only listen to children’s music while at home. (Thank God for Dan Zanes.) So now I’m listening to The Secret Society, and hey, it turns out that it totally rules. Good day for me, and for you too if you check them out.

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