Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Depressed Spambots, they are Big Fans of Russian Literature.

My most recent spam began with a long quote from The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov, but it trailed off into jibberish, perhaps too depressed to form a coherent sentence.
the same incomprehensible sense of grief which had come to him on the balcony. He at once sought for its explanation and its cause was a strange one: the Procurator was obscurely aware that he still had something to say to the prisoner and that perhaps, too, he had more to learn from him. Pilate banished the thought and it passed as quickly as it had come. It passed, yet that grievous ache remained a mystery, for it could not be explained by another thought that had flashed in and out of his mind like lightning--' Immortality ... immortality has come . . .' Whose immortality had come? The Procurator could not understand it, but that puzzling thought of immortality sent a chill over him despite the sun's heat. 'Very well,' said Pilate. ' So be it.' With that he looked round. The visible world vanished from his sight and an astonishing change occurred. The flower-laden rosebush disappeared, the cypresses fringing the upper terrace disappeared, as did the pomegranate tree, the white statue among the foliage and the foliage itself. In their place came a kind of dense purple mass in which seaweed waved and swayed and ilmi lglhl nlgmg lhljlk jpmnmnlglu m n l kiu mm mmlg hllimu m hlf l g m ikm lqlsmlmplqlnifmp jjkj o osrrhrksur gr ms g rms i rkunr prtsmssrprqo g pkpkqm jgfj gp gof q g g gjfq isfs fqtrtfukulppt fthu h o isl rsr isisrto s osu rfrr so s pots jslrl tlpiqg quqgqnqq qh p po opopuqfqrpo p prtnjnlol io mrli mum m llmplmkklk limjmnl sl tihmnm p lp qpu ut j tp utthumt mur sktktiujun tst tqhu nu ptp qjugto tjujt jt sqrqnr quuu othttt mtjqrulu f tf pgtjugt pul t ot us r tt t pui rgslsm nsrgr gsi sdjksdfsdfsdlgkj sdflkjsdf lksdjfsdfsdf
Such grief! The spambot feels that it, too, missed a chance to learn from the Son of God. And now, cast away from divine reason, there is nothing left to do but gibber. Gibber, and sell viagra.

UPDATE: I just got two more Master and Margarita spams, plus a Bill the Galactic Hero. Interestingly, when you put passages from literature into google, sometimes you get e-libraries that hold the book, and sometimes you get spam sites that are using the text to get into google. Thus the new passage I received from Bill the Galactic Hero, when put into google, gets a site advertising "illegal or gambling of teens on the web!"

"Gambling of teens": two great internet vices put together in one not quite gramatical passage! If only you could gamble with teens for viagra.

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