Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Also, the band still sucks.

The NYT has a moderately interesting article up about a new revenue sharing agreement between Korn, EMI, and the Live Nation promotion company (recently spun off from Clear Channel).

Actually, the article isn't interesting at all. What is interesting is the managerese spouted by the founder of the company that brokered the deal.

"Instead of thinking about 'How do we get back $200,000 on the Fresno show?' they're thinking, 'How do we maximize the Korn brand?' They're more likely to invest dollars, ideas, thinking time."

"We've taken the biggest promoter and one of the biggest record labels and incentivized them to think long term and to think career about our band," Mr. Kwatinetz said. "We believe long-term career planning is what's been lacking in the business. We believe that's part of the solution to the woes the music business is experiencing."

Yup, that's the problem alright.

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