Monday, January 16, 2006

Abortion Blogs

My recent post on the New Zealand study of the effects of abortion has been linked to by a pro-life blog aimed at women who have had abortions and are feeling bad psychological fallout. Welcome new readers! I should clarify some things: although I write about abortion fairly often, I am not a woman, as many of you seem to think. I do try to compensate for this, however, by being a good listener. Two commenters at After Abortion were surprised that I could show off pictures of my children and still be pro-choice, revealing an ugly stereotype life people have about choice people. Please remember that we are not child-hating monsters: we have families that we love dearly. I myself see no conflict between loving children and supporting abortion rights simply because I do not believe that a fetus is a child. Certainly not a first trimester fetus, and an embryo is even farther removed from being a child. There is one comment from After Abortion which I will simply admit to be true: I did wander off topic when I started talking about the bible and abortion. Blog writing is informal that way. I have more to say on the topic in the Teaching Abortion Ethics links to the right.

It would be nice to see a level headed conversation between choice and life factions on the effects of abortion on women. Although it may be an odd thing for a man to do, I will probably be writing more about this shortly, having just received a copy of the New Zealand study through interlibrary loan.

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