Monday, July 31, 2006

A Pink Hello Kitty Stratocaster

Caroline saw the ad for the Pink Hello Kitty Stratocaster. She wanted it. I wanted her to have it. Molly said that if we buy her a guitar before she is ready, she will just get bored with it, and then not want to play it when she is old enough to play. I'm not entirely sure I understand. Who would be bored with a A Pink Hello Kitty Stratocaster ? Still, I am willing to bow to Molly's wisdom.

But how long do Caroline and I have to wait? I ask you, the internet, when should a young girl be started on guitar lessons with her own Pink Hello Kitty Stratocaster?

And we should also have a word from Jonathan Richman

Oh you shoulda known it right off the bat
One look and you know it would sound like that
Fender Stratocaster
Like gasoline in the sand
Fender Stratocaster
Like a motorcycle at a hotdog stand
Fender Fender Fender
Like a Dunkin Donuts in Mattapan
Fender Stratocaster
Like a Thrifty Drugs in Santa An
Fender Fender Fender
Oh the sound so thin that it's barely there
Like a bitchy girl who just don't care
Fender Stratocaster
Like WooWoo Ginsberg at the jukebox joint
You hear the sound and you get the point

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