Sunday, July 30, 2006

On Being Medium

Part 1

One early morning at the beach, Caroline woke me up with this

Caroline: Daddy? Did you know? Some trees are medium.

Me: ?!?

Caroline: I said 'Daddy, did you know some trees are medium?'

Me: You mean, like, some tress are tall...

Caroline: Yeah, like this big [holds hands way apart] and some trees are like this [holds fingers close together] and some trees are medium.

Me: Can I go back to sleep now?

Part 2

Caroline, Joey and I are walking down the street, and Joey is riding on my head.

Caroline: The boys are together!

Me: mmm-hmm.

Caroline: And together, you're medium!

Me: How do you mean?

Caroline: Joey is small, you are big, and together you are medium.

Me: No it doesn't work like that when you put heights together. If you put something small on something tall, you get something that's extra tall. You don't average them.

Caroline [petulant]: No! You and Joey are medium.

Me: OK, fine, we're medium.

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