Saturday, July 15, 2006

Its me again.

I'm still stranded in a hotel room with two small children. The little one just woke up, and the big one just fell asleep. If only they could get their sleep synchronized I could catch some Zs. We drove all last night to get here, so no one is particularly well rested. I've had about an hours sleep in a bed and three hours in a car. Molly had three hours in the car and a half hour in bed. She's out driving now to pick Amy up at BWI.

Caroline just got her first exposure to comercial television. We watched Spongebob and a dog show on Animal Planet. I muted the comercials every time they came on and repeated to her that they were not for fun, they were trying to get her to do things that she doesn't have to do, and probably shouldn't do. I'm not sure if that got through, but she eventually bored of the TV and asked me to read to her. Then she fell asleep and Joey woke up.

If they are ever awake at the same time, we can try going to the hotel pool. Caroline is opposed to the idea of swiming any way but naked, but she may come around. We can't leave the hotel room while one child is asleep, though, so for now our world is really restricted. We have some snacks, mostly these dried, salted vegetable chips. Wish me luck.

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