Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Ediedog, She Is Sick

Two fridays ago Edie started limping, refusing to put any weight on her left front paw. We couldn't find any obvious injuries, thorns or other irritants. All the vets had closed, but we were able to find a vet in a neighboring village that was open Saturday morning. After a somewhat worried evening, we took Edie to the vet and...she started walking normally again as soon as she saw the vet. The vet did a physical exam and found nothing wrong. We decided to write it off as an anomoly.

So yesterday, another Friday right after all the vets had closed, Edie started limping again. What to do? Caroline is being very nurturing. She made a picture of a bed for Edie to remind her to get lots of rest. Still, I would some stronger medicine.

My current theory is doggie arthritis. Edie is about seven years old, assuming she was one year old when we found her. Any advice from the internet hivemind?

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