Monday, July 31, 2006

Co-op kid profile: K-K

K-K is slightly younger than Caroline, and has Joey's blonde hair and irresistible cuteness. He has also learned how to use his cuteness to create interesting social situations. Today, when I was watching the day care co-op, I had approximately this conversation while trying to read a book to Caroline and K-K.

Me (reading): “Lisa lives in Louisiana. Her best friend is Lila. They sell lobsters” Hey, Lisa, Lila, Louisiana and lobsters all start with L. Do you guys know any other words that start with L?

K-K: Poop.

Me (unphased): Poop doesn’t start with L, it starts with P. Lets go on. “Mary lives in Minneapolis. Her best friend is Mickey. They sell Martians” Hey, Mary, Minneapolis, Mikey and Martians all start with M. Do you know anything else that starts with M?

K-K: Poop.

Me: No really, poop beings with P. Trust me on this one. You can say “poop” in three pages.

K-K (grinning): Me eat poop.

Me: Do not. Silly.

K-K (Grinning wider): No, me eat poop.

At this point I realize that the best epithet for K-K’s grin is “shit-eating.” Here is this tow-headed, angelic child, grinning like a lottery winner, announcing that he eats poop. It is too much for any adult to bear. “Ack, stop saying you eat poop,” I say. “Poop!” says he. At two and a half, he knows how to manipulate everyone around him.

His mother actually has the same smile. It took me a while to notice, because she never is talking about poop when she flashes it, but it is definitely the same smile.

Another fun fact about K-K: he is always the first child to get naked. Our day care co-op has many occasions that allow for nudity: sprinklers, kiddie pools. K-K is a real trend setter on summer days, and is always pushing the birthday suit fashion. (This actually makes me a little uncomfortable, as I was not raised in a children-running-around-naked family. But it is clear that I should simply adapt to the conventions of my community.)

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