Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Two Local Discoveries

Two local organic farmers just visited my environmental classroom, because I will be placing students with them as a part of the community based learning program. They're great people, and I'm so excited to work with them.

I also made two discoveries, one about my guests and one about myself. These are very local topics, but they might be interesting to you, the internet, because they are similar to phenomena in your location.

1. A fact about our guests: they are all hard core animists, although they did not use the word. People from both farms said that they assign mental properties and full moral status to absolutely everything. Hearing them talk, they almost sounded like Jains. Brian from Bittersweet seemed especially impressed by the ideas of Rudolf Steiner, which had been introduced to him by his neighbor. Now, I am...not a fan of Steiner. But this should still make for interesting conversation.

2. A fact about me: I'm terrible when I bring in guest speakers. I fall into audience mode--I just sit and let them talk. I have done this for other speakers as well. I need to learn to keep focus in the classroom even when I am not center stage.

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