Thursday, August 25, 2005

Quick links and thank yous

1. Thanks to all who suggested art sites on the web. It is clear that I'm not going to have the artsy part of my presentation ready for the first class, but it will be up for a later one.

Another good art resource I found for those who are logging in from universities that subscribe to it is artstor from the people who brought you jstor.

2. I'm going to have to withdraw my mockery informed critique of Tierney, because he wasn't really going on faith. He was presenting an argument from authority. I don't like his authority, but I need a bigger argument to call him an illegitimate authority.

3. Via Sweater Project, some clips from the new Joss Whedon movie Serenity. These are clips that purport to be leaked from the studio, but are actually a part of a deliberate marketing campaign. Sometimes they are even packaged as if they were from the fictional world of the movie "These are interrogation videos of River Tam leaked from the Alliance Evil Blue Hand Guys"

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