Thursday, August 18, 2005


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Reason number 50023 why summer is not allowed to end: In summer you can just decide to move dinner to the front lawn.

This is from a month or so ago. Stir fried veggies, seaweed and rice. The veggies all came from the Kent Family Growers, local organic farmers who deliver fresh veggies to your home in crates like the one we are using as a table. The seaweed and rice were not made locally. In fact, they had to come all the way from Korea. The problem is the only brand of seaweed we've found that we like was one that was introduced to us by some Korean friends (and who sadly just moved away.) On the other hand, we do buy all our asian food at a local mom and pop (actually I've never seen pop, only mom) asian market.

Oh yeah, and the milk is not local either. It is from Horizon, a part of what Michael Pollan called the "organic -industrial complex"

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