Saturday, August 06, 2005

Airport blogging

I'm blogging from the airport, waiting to pick up Pippy and her new squeeze. Thanks to those who expressed concern about Caroline below. As I say in the comments there, everyone is fine now. We are going through the rabies vaccine sequence because there was a bat in our bedroom while we were sleeping. Actual chance of exposure is low, but we aren't taking chances.

The encounter with Mr. Bat was quite an event. Molly describes seeing a massive creature with a two-foot wingspan swooping over the children with lightening speed in complete silence. I recal seeing a clever little mammal, with about a nine inch wingspan, moving in slow deliberate circles around the room. I followed him downstairs while Molly and the children stayed in the bedroom behind a closed door. I liked watching the bat--he seemed so in control. When a bird gets in your house, it flutters, panicked, from perch to perch. The bat could navigate the enclosed space like a kid playing Doom.

We actually couldn't coax the bat into leaving that night. We saw him again two nights later, looking quite healthy, and that time when we opened all the doors, he found his way out.

Are there really two days' worth of insects to eat in our house, or did he come and go?

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