Friday, August 26, 2005

NYT Roundup

1.Look what you get if you pray to the God of Catfish.

2. Senator Tom Coburn is opposed to funding a program that teaches third world prostitutes about condom use and supplies them with free rubbers. Perhaps he is in favor of preaching abstinence to the prostitutes? No, it is unfair of me to attribute that view to him. Perhaps he is in favor of finding them all jobs outside the sex industry, restructuring the third world economies? No, obviously he knows how hard that would be. Perhaps he thinks the US should fund police efforts to enforce anti-prostitution laws the world over. No, any effort that would prevent as much disease as promoting condom use would be prohibitively expensive. sad

Perhaps he just wants these women to die of AIDS because they're whores anyway?

3. The Bush administration continues to suppress scientific findings, distort the scientific process, and mismanage wild lands.

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