Thursday, June 16, 2005

Case of the Female Orgasm pt. 8

Thanks to Murky in the comments for CFO 7 for this link to Lloyd's response to the study on the heritability of orgasms by Spector et al. As you might explect, she accepts the heritability results, but challenges the adaptive interpretation of the results. The post is great, and I'm just beginning to get through the comments on it. There is also an extended reply to Lloyd here..

Also, following back to Murky's blog, I see a nice post about evidence the some dolphils are nerds.

This is all too much to process first thing in the morning.

Addendum. Murky also has a nice post on that really stupid study about Ashkenazim and intelligence. Ok, Murky's on the blogroll. Of course, if I read everything on my blogroll, I'd have already seen Lloyd's post at Philosophy of Biology.

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