Saturday, March 12, 2005

Tiny Caroline Spits Frogs

Recently tiny Caroline jumped into the imaginative play thing with both feet. It began with her first imaginary friend, a frog which she would periodically announce rested on the back of her hand, between her thumb and forefinger.

After about the third time she did this, she popped the imaginary amphibian in her mouth and announced "I eata froggie."

"Oh, that's not nice," I said, because I am trying hard to impress on her that eating animals is wrong, no matter what other grown ups say. So I put my hand up to her mouth and said, "Can you spit out the froggie?"

She complied, and I put the imaginary froggie down on the kitchen floor, saying "hop hop" to indicate that he had hopped away.

Later, when I went to put a dish in the sink, Caroline warned, "Don'ta step on the froggie!"

Well, ever since then, Caroline has had this amazing ability to produce animals from her mouth. Genereally she holds her hand up to her mouth and announces that she has spat out a frog. Some times she produces doggies, and once she even rendered a horse.

She's a remakable child.

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