Friday, March 25, 2005

Spreading our disease

Some news on philosophers entering grad school:

Recent SLU grad John Milanese has been accepted into the Ph.D program at SUNY albany. Yay!

Shieva Kleinschmidt, who blogs at Emiratio and is an undergrad at Wester Washington University, has just received a conditional acceptance for her paper "Some Things About Stuff" from the jounral Philosophical Studies. She will no doubt get accepted to a good grad school, with that on her resume.

I'd also congratulate Shieva, but I was too busy looking up what Aristotle says about envy. Somewhere, I swear, he says that right envy is a mean between having too much pain at other's success and having no pain at other's success. I can't find it in book IV of the N-ethics, and the passage on envy from the Rhetoric doesn't seem right either. In any case, Ms. Kleinschmidt done something that I was unable to do until several years after grad school: get a decent publication in a respectable journal. grrr.

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