Monday, November 06, 2006

My Complete SLU Course Evaluations

As a part of my commitment to transparency in higher education, I have decided to put all of my teaching evaluations for my time at SLU online.

Here is single table summarizing of the numerical data for two key questions, Question 1: A high level of effort was demanded by this course, and Question 5: The instructor was an effective teacher. (Students are asked to agree or disagree on a seven point scale.) Molly made up these charts. Thanks.

Here are the university summaries for the quantitative sections, including all five questions.



Note that there is a screw up on these forms with 202A (Reasoning) and 203A (Ethics) from the Spring of 2006. I gave the Ethics forms to the Reasoning class, so all the Reasoning responses were tabulated by the university as Ethics. When it came time to give evaluation forms to Ethics, I discovered that I only had the 202A, Reasoning, forms to give out. I tried to compensate for the mistake by having the students write 203A:Ethical Theory on the form. The university refused to tabulate any form that had the extraneous marks on it. They did however tabulate 3 forms from students who did not follow my instructions. Of course, these were ethics students, whose three forms were then tabulated as Reasoning.

All of this is corrected in the summaries that Molly made up for me, and you can check it against the raw data.

OK, here is the raw data.

Fall 2003
Spring 2004
Fall 2004
Spring 2005
Fall 2005
Spring 2006
Ack, it's time to go home. I'll fill in the rest of these links later. Done! Also, there is was a summer course in 2004 on environmental ethics that I forgot completely about. I'm not even sure where the evals are. This will do for now, though.

Further Update: Let's also add a link to my page at Please note that 33.3% of the students reporting (N=3) rated me as "hot."


Bill said...

It's always good to see money-where-mouth-is. Kudos.

Molly Helpychalk said...
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Molly Helpychalk said...

WOW! Good work being hot!

I noticed that both your friends D___ and E___ had the somewhat problematic mediocre rating combined with chili pepper hotness. They are the only two hotties in the school who didn't also get the smiley face of good teaching. There was no one at SLU who got a frowny face and a chili pepper.