Sunday, November 26, 2006

Decorating Bleg

dining room 1
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We had to pull down the ceiling of our dining room because it had peeling lead paint, so now we are going to basically redecorate the room. At least for the time being, we plan to tack colored fabric to the exposed under ceiling, instead of putting in a new ceiling. We are also going to repaint the walls.

dining room 2

So here's the question: what colors should we use? We want to use one color for the lower part of the wall and one color for the upper part. We have yards and yards of white fabric for the ceiling that can be dyed any color that RIT manufactures. (Molly has ruled out tie dying, for reasons that remain obscure to me.)

dining room 3


Benn Bocinski said...

Blue walls, orange ceiling.

Blue said...

No. I would suggest a different, darker color for the wainscotting. In my kitchen we have peet (very dark green) on the bottom half, and "Arts and Crafts" a pretty medium green above. That is, if you can stand a green dining room.

You also can't go wrong with a nice eggshell finish navajo white. The white you have in there is too bright. I would also suggest painting the interior of the cabinets a brighter version of the walls, and the trim around the windows and cabinet a darker color, maybe even go for a mahogany look.

Just my suggestions.

Blue said...

Another thought. google image search: decorator show house dining room. Lots of ideas.

pippy said...

Molly ruled out tie dying because its for hippies. She is a very wise woman, listen to her.