Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My China Course

Travel to China

Environmental Ethics and Issues in China

(on campus course plus trip)

Philosophy 348 / Environmental Studies 348

Tuesday – Thursday 10:10 – 11:40

Professors Rob Loftis (Philosophy)
and Stephen Robinson (Geology)

China has the world’s largest population, fastest growing economy, and a history of environmental catastrophe. This course will look at attitudes towards nature in China and the policy issues they generate, starting with readings on traditional nature attitudes and ending with the current dilemmas facing China. This course will be truly interdisciplinary in nature with perspectives from philosophy, public policy, environmental science, and engineering. In addition to the campus section of this course, we will travel to China following exams to learn first-hand about several of the sites and issues from the class. Students will interact extensively with local people experiencing these problems and meet with local representatives of environmental non-governmental organizations searching for solutions.

Mandatory information session:

Friday November 10, 3:00 pm in Brown Hall 143-44

Permission of instructors required

Junior or Senior standing only

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