Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Our campus closed circuit radio station, KSLU, decided to sell a bunch of CDs at a dollar a pop. Big scores for me! Outdated taste in music + continued reliance on outdated media formats = free stuff!
Tara Jane O'Neil: You Sound, Reflect.
O'Neil is a close friend of one of my favorite bands, Ida. Her sound is so close to theirs its like finding another Ida album.
Ralph Stanley: Ralph Stanley
Geriatric bluegrass star tries to cash in on the Oh, Brother fad, and is thus led by fashion to make a really good album.
That Dog: Retreat from the Sun
I liked Petra Hayden as a sideman with The Rentals, and it turns out that here own work is good too.
Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Machine
I still haven't heard the new YYY album, but if reports are true, the best place to find good unheard YYY material is on these early EPs.
Air Miami: Me Me Me
Teenbeat 2003 Sampler
Unrest: Imperial ffrr (delux edition)
I guess Teenbeat sends KSLU promos, and the kids have no idea what they are, so they get rid of them. Some of these were even unopened. My gain. I already own the regular edition of Imperial, but will gladly purchase nine bonus tracks for a dollar.
Pere Ubu: Warning Bells are Ringing,
Pere Ubu: St. Arkansas
You can always find Pere Ubu cast offs, because they are too abrasive and weird for the mainstream, but not pierced enough for the cool kids. Plus, for some reason, no one likes the sound of Dave Thomas's voice. My gain.
Motörhead: We Are Motörhead
Guitar Wolf: Golden Black
Metal I wouldn't buy at full price, but for a dollar?
The Cramps: Flame Job
Foetus: Null
Eighties skeevy music lives on! Do you remember Foetus? They gave us albums like "You've got Foetus on your breath" and managed to sound like Nine Inch Nails before the technology really existed to sound like Nine Inch Nails.
The Muffs: Really, Really Happy
Los Straightjackets: !Viva!
Shonen Knife: Lets Knife
Fun with formula rock!
Marc Ribot: Saits.
Marc Ribot's work as a side man for Tom Waits and John Zorn is enough to prove his cool. I saw him lead his own band once at Lounge Ax and it was a great show. I'll buy that for a dollar.
Sebedoh: Flame Rado Pro.
Sebedoh played the most disasterous show I ever attended (and I was at Nothing Painted Blue's last show). The highlight of the sebedoh show: during the set, the band's van was stolen.

And rounding out the set we have:
The Kills: Black Rooster EP
Mudhoney: A bunch of live tracks released to promote a tour several years back

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