Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Moving your house by bicycle

One of the lamest excuses you hear for owning "sport" "utility" vehicles is that once a year or so you need to extra space to move stuff. Fie on all of you. These guys helped a woman move into a new house, furniture and all, using only bicycles. via pippy.

I'm so behind. Posting will probably be light until May 1. According to the counter below, I've slipped back down to a flippery fish in the TTLB ecosystem. For a while there I was a crawly amphibian. I guess I’m really some kind of lumbering lungfish, since I switch between flippery fish and crawly amphibian a lot. I’d like to get back to amphibian status with a really sexy post on like, the evolution of the human female boob or something, but I don’t see where I’ll get the time.

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