Sunday, April 30, 2006

My talk on Buddhist Nature Aesthetics

I'm giving a talk on Buddhist nature aesthetics at the ISEE/IAEP conference at the end of May. We're all supposed to post the papers on the conference website a month in advance so everyone can read them before the conference. The papers aren't up yet, but until then you can read them here. This is my paper, and this is a handout of primary sources (all from the Theragāthā and Therigāthā.)

This is all quite drafty in terms of things like copy editing, as I literally just finished it. I don't think I need to expand the substance any more, though. Right now I am thinking about sending the final version to an aesthetics journal like the Journal for Aesthetics and Art Criticism or The British Journal of Aesthetics, although an environmental journal like Environmental Ethics or Environmental Values might be just as good.

Update: To view the diacritics on the Sanskrit fonts you need to install the Indic Times font.

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