Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Email is back up! I can't wait to see what important messages I missed! Let's see, there is this from IT:
The Faculty and Staff mail server has experienced a hardware failure. The part has been ordered, however the server will not be operation for today, September 13. We realize that e-mail communication is important for day-to-day operations and want you know that electronic communications with faculty and staff will be delayed but received when the server goes back online. We understand the inconvenience this causes and we apologize.
Um...I appreciate that you are working hard for us, but what's up with sending us an email to say that email isn't working?

Next piece of important mail I missed while the serve was down:
MORE-SIZE - it will work out!

Go on, give it a try. You'll sure enjoy it!
MORE-SIZE: {URL redacted}

Discreet, unmarked packaging.
Why did I miss email again?

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