Monday, March 31, 2008

putting the internet to good use

John Holbo is using public domain etexts and the print-on-demand service lulu to create new editions of 19th century science fiction. Right now he is just offering the versions available as etexts, but his plan is to created better edited scholarly editions.

Speaking of hundred-plus-year-old fantastic literature, Caroline and I have been reading Little Nemo in Slumberland and it's been really fun for both of us.

We have been reading this edition, because it is the one we happened to own. It's complete, but the reprinting is lousy: the image has been reduced in size and the text frequently has bits of letters missing. Also, it is difficult to lie down next to a five year old, and hold up a five and a half pound book so that both you and she can see the pictures and you can read the small type. Purchasing this edition, which is incomplete, but looks better, might be in order. On the other hand, maybe we should go with one of the multi volume volume editions of the complete set. (Free e-version of some of the comics are available here.)

I'm also not sure what to say to Caroline when the character of The Imp is introduced.

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