Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Meanwhile, Back in the US: The Return of the Hooverville!

Tent cities for the recently foreclosed upon outside of LA

(via Molly)

And in Boca Raton, riot police have to disperse the crowd that gathered for section 8 housing vouchers. (Via unfogged)

So do we call the new shanty towns Bushvilles?


Anonymous said...

This video has been making the rounds on the internet. Kind of makes me wonder if Hillary or Obama or McCain for that matter will be making any campaign stops over there. Or at least have volunteers do some tent-to-tent canvassing to get out the vote. I wonder what would happen if one of them said the words "tent city" out loud on tv.

Rob Helpy-Chalk said...

A Democratic candidate campaigning at a tent city would instantly hurt the incumbent party by getting the words "tent city" on the air.

I wonder if security would be a problem.

I bet Edwards would do it.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I think I prefer "Bushtopia"(s).