Monday, March 17, 2008

Mass Arrests and House to House Searches in Tibet

The only mainstream US outlet on this story seems to be the Washinton Post. They are reporting that police in Tibet are going house to house demanding identity cards. The Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy estimates 600 have been arrested. The Dalai Lama's government in exile is claiming that 80 protesters were killed. The Chinese Communist Party is reporting 13 bystanders killed by Tibetans. CCP news outlets are also talking about the need to strike back hard. According to the Post, the government publication in Tibet said "We must give them tit for tat and firmly counterattack."

The Washington Post headline has a definite pro-china slant, calling the crackdown a response to "anti-Chinese violence." On the other hand, the photos they are running focus on violence by police against unarmed demonstrators in Nepal, India, and France. I bet a lot of people don't read the captions which explain where the photos were taken, and therefore walk away associating those images with the protests in Tibet itself.

The CCP's Xinhua news service is reporting that the fighting in Tibet has ended. But the Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy continues to report clashes between police and Tibetans. They are also running pictures of dead protesters.

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