Monday, March 17, 2008

Misc Tibet Resources

Boing boing (Now blocked in China!) has some nice resources on the Tibet uprising. Some things I want to mark for future use:

Global Voices has been aggregating and translating Chinese language blog posts on Tibet. Unsurprisingly, many Han are hostile to the Tibetans.
"But if you just think about it, just who was it that made Tibet the developed place it is today? Who set up the bridge between Tibet and the whole world? And who is it that sends qualified people each year from every sector to educate the children of Tibet with knowledge and culture? AND who is it that sends aid from every developed city in the motherland each year to assist Tibet? I think you seem to have forgotten all this……"

The main Tibetan solidarity sites:

Students for a Free Tibet
Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy

I'll keep this updated.


Thomas said...

boingboing is only now blocked in China? I'm surprised that hasn't been true for years!

Rob Helpy-Chalk said...

Nothing is consistently blocked in China. The recent banning is part of the same crackdown that led them to ban youtube. Boing Boing has probably been blocked in the past and will let let through again when/if things settle down.

Anonymous said...

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