Friday, August 04, 2006

A product of the workshop on writing critical thinking test questions

"She will fail the exam, even though she is very smart, because she stayed out all night at the party and went straight to the exam"

Which of the following is probably assumed but not stated by the speaker

A. The test is very hard.
B. She got no sleep at the party and sleep is needed to do well on tests.
C. She has never passed a test in her life.
D. Fuck you, clown.

What is the reason for your choice: ________________________

(Questions like this are surprisingly hard to write. The biggest difficulty is insuring that there really is only one correct answer. Clever students and people who approach questions with very different background assumptions are often able to give good reason for answers the test designer clearly thinks is wrong. Our group had to make several changes to B before it was unarguably the correct answer. Also, I didn't really include answer D in the seminar. It's a special bonus for the on line edition.)

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