Wednesday, August 16, 2006

BSG live blogging

Kara just found a crashed cylon ship, opens the door, and finds out it has no pilot. "Are you alive?" she says to it. This is the same line that Number Six, in her various incarnations, gives to humans she encounters. In the opening miniseries, she says it to the human representative waiting at the space station where they hold negotiations right before the cylons begin their genocide of the human race. After asking the human representative if he is alive, she kisses him, and then the cylons kill them all.

Funny how the civilian leadership is more willing to use consequentialist, cost-benefit analysis decision making than the military. Of course, the issue is whether to abandon a pilot.

Teigh is saying they should quit. Therefore they shouldn't. Do they ever let him be right?

Now Kara is sucking on a red, bloody cylon oxygen pipe. I assume the writers loved putting her in such a gooey environment. Is she pressurizing the cabin by plugging a hole with her foot?

I guess Teigh is right this time. I mean, even though Kara lives, Teigh is right.

Credits: there's a guy who's first name is "bear"

Molly: it's just a whole list of people with better jobs than me. [except I meant better jobs than I have, or whatever; perhaps this is an illustration of why I am only marginally employable. --m]

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