Saturday, July 28, 2012

Matthew Lee: “A truth hands on approach to teaching logic.”

What we are going to do today is build a world, then you are going to destroy it, then build another one. You are the gods of your world.

Create a world where the following sentence is true “There is a purple donkey.”

Picks up a styrofoam hemisphere. This + imagination will be a purple donkey.

Two kinds of labels:
Name: “sam”,
Predicates: “___ is a donkey” “__is purple.”

Conventions:   Break all predicates down in to the smallest meaning full parts.
Don’t tag negative properties. “__ is not hungry” does not get a flag. If a property isn’t flagged, the object doesn’t have it. We assume Sam is not hungry (or sleepy or dead.)

Basically, this is a Styrofoam version of Tarksi’s World, developed independently, with slightly different rules.

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