Thursday, July 26, 2012

AAPT Conference Notes: Walter Ott “Open Source Workbook on Modern Philosophy”

Problem: How to get people to read in a way that forces them to interact with the text.

            Work study questions into texts. Include intro material.

            They are more likely to homework if it involves exercises. “read this” doesn’t register as a real assignment.

He’s got four or five people using his text. Several versions with different mixes.

Use fill in the blanks for arguments reconstructed from paragraphs of the original text.

Rebuild a paragraph exercise. Take an 11 sentence paragraph from Descartes. Put each sentence on an index card. Shuffle them. Have the students try to reconstruct the original order.

Andrew Mills: Don’t grade them on the first read exercise, but make the first read exercise a part of larger exercise that they are graded on. 

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