Saturday, January 12, 2008

TSA detains five year olds because their names were on the no fly list

This has happened twice now (first story from KING5 TV, second story from boing boing,). Representative quote from the first child's mother: "I picked up my child to give him a hug and say 'its ok, we're doing fine' and they reported to me that I was not allowed to touch him, he was a security risk and they had to re-search me to be sure I had not obtained any materials from him."

Clearly, though the budding Jack Bauers at the TSA were right to suspect something was a foot. The kids had really unusual names, so it how likely could a mix up be? The first child was "Matthew Gardner" and the second, "Sam Adams."

Between the environmental damage of the plane's emissions, and the social damage caused by fear mongering security officials, I see a strong case to never fly on an airplane again.

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