Monday, January 07, 2008

Brad DeLong on Huckabee's Crazy Tax Plan

I am grateful for the existence of Brad DeLong and his ability to write things like this Salon piece.

When I first heard about the Huckabee ("Huckabee, fuck me!") plan, I couldn't believe such a batshit idea was being proposed by a mainstream political figure. In addition to giving a precise explanation of why the Huckabee plan makes no sense, DeLong has a concise explanation of why it is still getting a hearing
[huckabee] is counting on people not knowing what he is really promising. I believe he is counting on the nigh total fecklessness of America's press corps -- a fecklessness that I at least now see as deployed with a sharp partisan edge. As economist John Irons laments on his blog, "I'm not sure how he is getting away with adopting the FairTax as part of his platform. Wouldn't Democrats be skewered in the media if they proposed a tax increase on people making between $30,000 and $200,000?" Yes.

But Huckabee is a Republican. And it is different if you are a Republican.

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