Monday, June 25, 2007

moving map

moving map
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So this is a map of the area we are moving to. The milk jug and apple is a Trader Joe's that has a regular farmer's market out front. The purple thumbtack is a Montessori school. The dollar sign is my workplace, and the houses are places for sale we are considering.

Molly, do I have all the locations right? When you said there was a bus every hour, did you mean a bus along Detroit Rd?

[This post is really just aimed at my immediate family.]


Molly said...

um, no. The address for the Montessori school is 26536 Detroit Rd. And I tried to choose houses as favorites that were pretty much in walking distance to the school. Preferably on the store side of the school. I don't have time right now to work out which houses you mapped here, but they were probably houses I didn't look at since they're too far away from the school.

Molly said...

Also, as far as I know there is no bus along Detroit Rd. that goes to LCCC. There's a Park and Ride on 24800 Sperry Ave (near the expressway) that has two buses, one at 6 am and one at 7 am that go in to Elyria, then you have to transfer to get to LCCC. I think it takes an hour. Then there are two buses in the evening that go back. It's not ideal. Maybe we should go back to the Avon Lake plan. Or rent. Blah.

oudemia said...

Well, although it puts Robert further from his job, we would be happy to see you as far east as you can manage, since it puts you closer to us. Aw . . .