Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Kids these days

The U Hawai'i college radio station is playing an amazing mash up of Henry Mancini "Streets of San Francisco" and the Jackson Five "Blame it on the Boogie." Music today is so exciting, and I feel so left out of it sometimes. Maybe there will be a good college station in Elyria, or maybe we'll finally set things up so it is easy to listen to web radio around the house.


C.A. said...

Get yourself a Squeezebox! They rule!

I was driven to do that when WKSU dropped their met opera broadcasts. CX6 in Uruguay carries it, but you can't hear the opera live in northeast ohio.

Anyway, to get to the point, it's a pretty nifty little thin client that streams audio from your computer to your stereo over a wired or wireless network. You can stream your own files or internet streams.

Plus the software is open source and there are lots of useful plugins. There are probably cheaper products out there, but at 300$ it's been worth every dollar for me.

Just wish I could use Amarok as a frontend for it. . .

C.A. said...

And I should add that of course I can probably listen to the met opera broadcast on Cx6 streamed from uruguay if I so desire. I should start sending them my $50 pledge. . ..

Molly said...

As I was driving in to my parents' last time I discovered that my old favorite radio station from high school WAPS, which was like a college station but run by the public school system, had been taken over by Akron U. I really liked what they were playing at 3 in the morning, but when I tuned in during the day later in the week I was less impressed. Anyway, it might come in in Elyria. 88.1