Saturday, June 09, 2007


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Many people in Beijing wear surgical masks to deal with the pollution. Presumably it helps with the particulate matter. You saw the masks mostly on people who had to work outdoors and people riding bikes. This woman wore one to the Forbidden City, along with a strange visor/headband combo.

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tricycle_red said...

Hm, apparently wearing a full-on industrial respirator whilst bike riding is not recommended, as it puts a strain on the heart, I'm told. But I guess its safe enough to wear a surgical mask. I've seen Asian immigrants in Chicago wearing them on the streets too.
It kind of worries me because I always think they are trying to not get some kind of scary germs I don't know about.
There is something kind of fun and creepy, yet also stylish, about wearing a dust mask. I've worn them because my work occasionally involves some sanding of paint.