Monday, November 07, 2005

Philosophical Dialogue Idea

So I was sitting around dreaming up plots for horror movies, which I often do, and I started thinking about a mad scientist movie, like Frankenstein or Reanimator, where the mad scientists all are at universities, and have to deal with university BS, like tenure and IRBs. I was also inspired in part by some jokes on Pharygula.

Then it hit me: what we really need is a philosophical dialogue where Dr. West, from the Reanimator movies tries to justify reanimating corpses using glowing green goo to an IRB. The question: whether reanimatng a corpse is a harm to the corpse.

Now you think, of course it is. Any sane person would chose non existence over life as a zombie. But wait. If that's true, then don't those much maligned "wrongful life" suits have merit. Setting things in France would help, because as I recall, the French supreme court upheld a wrongful life suit, which then led to major legal changes banning them. (Maybe I'll check this at the office tomorrow.)

Well, it sounded like fun.

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